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About Glascoed Guesthouse, Llandudno

The majority of Llandudno was laid out in 1849 by the Mostyn family, who leased most of the plots for development and influenced the building design and uses of the land. The Glascoed Guesthouse was built in 1863 on land that had been sold to a local builder Joseph Hughes and John Hughes two brothers. Originally built and used as a lodging house  the name Glascoed was given sometime between 1877 and 1904 by R.Owens.

The house also played its part during the war and was taken over by the Ministry of Health for what purpose we do not know.  It was then auctioned off at the Imperial Hotel on the 24th May 1954 and sold to a Doris Lincoln Evans and Gwen Lincoln Evans who held the property until January 1974.

Chapel Street forms part of the Conservation area of Llandudno and as such the buildings within the street have a wonderful Victorian charm about their appearance. Glascoed is one of the very few that has retained the original sash windows to the front of the property ensuring that you get to see the true beauty of Victorian architecture when you stay here.

Glascoed Guesthouse is now owned and run by Craig and Zoe Goodwin who moved from Stockport in January 2019. They have been joined by there children Charlotte and Joseph who have settled into there new life very well. Craig and Zoe decided to make this life changing move to be closer to family, Craig's mum and dad moved to llandudno over three years ago to retire.


As a family Craig and Zoe enjoyed many holidays in north wales whilst the children were little and Llandudno has always been a special place for Craig and Zoe with all that it has to offer .

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